DRASS and SH Defence join forces for submersible warfare solutions

Source: SH Defence press release

DRASS and SH Defence have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the incorporation of DRASS solutions, such as the DS8 SDV submersible craft, into the Cube system.

The DS8 SDV is a highly effective, insidious warfare submersible craft for sabotage and intelligence missions. Specifically designed to transport offensive equipment and up to eight combat divers, whether deployed from a ship, submarine, or operational base.

The Cube Modular Mission Capability from SH Defence is a modular system for naval platforms developed to host and deploy a wide variety of naval equipment when needed. Eliminating fixed heavy launch and recovery installations and replacing them with adaptable and interchangeable mission modules.

The possibility of bringing an unseen and unexpected capability into theatre launched from a “random platform” has obvious advantages for missions requiring absolute secrecy. With The Cube System making (almost) any platform modular, this is now possible.


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By joining forces, DRASS and SH Defence combine their respective expertise, experience, and technological advancements to unlock new game-changing possibilities in the maritime defence sector.

“We look forward to embarking on this journey with SH Defence,” says Sergio Cappelletti, DRASS Managing Director. “With this collaboration our products are all the more adaptable and flexible on many different platforms in line with customer demands”.

Jens Flarup, Area Sales Director at SH Defence comments: “We welcome DRASS, a leading manufacturer with extensive experience in the subsea market. Several DRASS solutions fit seamlessly with The Cube system. The Cube modular capability provides a platform for interchangeability and usage across several Navy crafts that brings a cost-effective and future-proof solution to the operational arena.”

The MoU is also seen as a valuable extension of ongoing contractual relationships between the two companies.



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