EDIDP: EU-funded Cyber Defence Platform successfully demonstrated

Source: DG DEFIS

PANDORA is an industrial collaborative development project co-funded under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP). This week it was successfully concluded by holding a technical demonstration and final assessment event in Athens with industrial partners, the European Commission, Ministries of National Defence and defence forces.

The demonstration presented the PANDORA Platform operational and technological functionality. It highlighted the achievements of the project that has been capable of developing a cyber-defence platform (known as the PANDORA Platform) for real-time threat hunting and incident response. In the demo-event, the platform performance and capabilities were demonstrated based on selected operational scenarios, such as warship security, and military sensor network security.

This 2-year project, launched under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) 2019 calls for proposals, received a co-funding of over 6 million euro from the European Commission. The project has a clear added value and contributes to the EU cyber defence capabilities. The project targeted studies, design, prototyping and testing and reached a TRL (technology readiness level) 7. The Hellenic and Cypriot Ministries of Defence  also co-funded the project and supported it with a commercial contract. The mentioned two Member States committed to further implement this project for armed forcesin Greece and Cyprus, highlighting the buy-in to such collaborative defence projects from national defence forces.


The achievevements of the project are the product of a purely European consortium, led by Greek midcap Space Hellas, comprising 15 entities from 8 EU Member States(Greece, France, Portugal, Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Belgium and Spain). The project partners represent the whole spectrum of cybersecurity technology providers: SMEs, research and technology organisations and industrial partners/integrators.

The capabilities developed through the PANDORA Platform (currently at TRL-7) will contribute to fulfilling the requirements of the PESCO Project CTISP (Cyber Threats and Incident Response Information Sharing Platform). The PANDORA  Platform designs and implements an interface that can be used to detect real-time cyber and jamming attacks on electronic equipment or SCADA machines and immediately counter threats by alerting anomalies, protecting endpoints and sharing threat information with third parties, at both national and international level. The technical solution developed with the PANDORA Platform has shown to be successfully integrated in warship and military sensor network security. Given its modular and accessible User Interface (UI) characteristics the PANDORA Platform can adapt to several other deployment scenarios and use cases for military units.


Read more about PANDORA Platform – visit PANDORA website.


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