ESG: Rafael´s partner for ground exploitation systems

Source: ESG

ESG was commissioned by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems with the realisation and IT integration of the deployable aerial image evaluation systems - Ground Exploitation Systems (GES).

Aerial reconnaissance and surveillance are part of the Bundeswehr’s pool of indispensable capabilities in order to be able to fulfil its mission in the context of national and alliance defence and international crisis management. To this end, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) signed a contract in June 2022 with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems as prime contractor for the delivery of up to five deployable Ground Exploitation Systems (GES) that are part of Rafael RecceLite aerial reconnaissance system used by the German Air Force.

The new GES consist of several 20-foot containers in which the IT equipment required for aerial image evaluation as well as air-conditioning and power generators for worldwide deployment are integrated. The new IT will be designed in such a way that the separation of different information with different degrees of secrecy can be ensured. To enable high mobility and rapid availability in different deployment scenarios, all GES will be realised for transport by aircraft, truck or ship. The contract stipulates the initial systems partially to be equipped with adaptive ballistic protection. The aerial images for the future GES can be recorded with the existing weapon systems Tornado, Eurofighter or by means of drones, depending on requirements.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has selected ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH as the main subcontractor for this procurement project. Based on its proven systems integration expertise in numerous projects and its comprehensive domain knowledge, ESG will be responsible for the design, the entire procurement and delivery of the container systems, including the complete integration of the IT, air conditioning and power generation units. In addition, ESG is responsible for the Bundeswehr-specific documentation, a wide range of logistics services and the supply of spare parts.

ESG has been one of the leading German providers of design, integration, operation and in-service support of complex, security-related electronic and IT systems for more than five decades. In Germany and internationally, ESG provides propducts and services for customers from government authorities, the fields of defence and public security and industry. ESG is a certified aviation company for aircraft and aviation equipment for the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) and an aviation engineering company in line with EASA Parts 21J/G and EASA Part 145. Independent process and technology consulting is one of ESG’s key competencies. Technology transfer between markets is what makes a significant contribution to our customers’ added value.


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