European Defence Fund: INDY project launched

By Defence Industry Europe

The INDY (Energy Independent and Efficient Deployable Military Camps), one of the projects co-financed by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund, was officially launched during the 2-day work meeting on February 16-17.

The INDY project aims to develop a strategic roadmap towards the future energy independent and efficient deployable military camps, based on a paradigm shift for energy production, conversion, storage, transport, distribution, and final usage.

The INDY represents one of the first strategic projects supporting the green energy transition and improved energy efficiency in the military infrastructure. The INDY consortium includes more than 31 partners and subcontractors from 13 European countries and is supported by more than 9 Ministries of Defence providing support to the INDY efforts.

The consortium coordinator is the Slovenian company TECES. The total estimated cost of the project is EUR 14.2 million.

The INDY project will be the first step to increase the security of energy supply and autonomy of deployable military camps and support their complete transition towards implementation of renewable energy sources with the use of new disruptive technologies and solutions for future military camps. The roadmap shall seek to reduce the usage of fossil fuel by 40% in 2030 compared to the present situation and to reach 100% fossil fuel independency in 2050.


Learn more about INDY project – visit TECES website.



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