European Defence Fund: Patria participates in iFURTHER project

Source: Patria

Patria is involved in a European Union funded project to develop new technologies for long-range air and sea detection. The project, called iFURTHER (High Frequency Over the Horizon Sensors’ Cognitive Network), is a 3-year research project funded by the European Defence Fund with a total budget of EUR 10.95 million. The consortium participating the project consists of 18 partners from 10 countries. All partners possess excellence in their respective field and provide complementary know-how for the successful completion of the project.

The iFURTHER focus on a disruptive system of systems defence concept that is fit for this purpose and thus is capable of protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the European Union. The project addresses wide area air and sea covert surveillance by developing new concepts of over-the-horizon radar to be integrated into a collaborative network of high-frequency sensors. Ultimately, the project will contribute to developing a persistent and very wide-area EU defence capability to monitor air and sea domains by delivering a concrete and scalable solution.

“We at Patria appreciate the great opportunity to be part of iFURTHER consortium to do research collaboration and European over-the-horizon radar application together with other defence companies and research community. It is important that Finnish industry is involved in research projects like this. Patria’s background as technology research supplier in various national research programmes has enabled also networking to new European interest groups. At Patria, high educated specialists are participating in C5ISTAR research. Patria is able to offer very unique and interesting challenges for experts who have the right research mindset, no matter if they are in early stage or more seasoned phase in their research career,” says Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President of Patria’s Finland Division.



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