Finland sends additional defence aid to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Finland will provide Ukraine with additional defence aid. The decision was made by the President of the Finland based on the recommendation of the Council of State on May 25, 2023.

This marks the sixteenth shipment of defence aid from Finland to Ukraine. The aid includes air defence weaponry and ammunition, among other items. The estimated cost of replacing the capabilities included in the shipment is 109 million euros for Finland.

“Finland continues to support Ukraine, together with our international partners. The total value of defence aid packages provided by Finland to Ukraine now amounts to 1.1 billion euros,” stated Finnish Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen.

For operational reasons and to ensure the safe delivery of aid, more detailed information regarding the content, delivery method, and schedule will not be disclosed.

The additional aid takes into account both Ukraine’s needs and the resources of the Finnish Defence Forces.




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