Finland: upgrade of Hamina-class craft increases naval striking power

Source: Finnish Defence Forces, Defence Industry Europe

The modernization of four Hamina-class fast-attack missile craft is complete and the vessels are in operational use in the Finnish Navy. The fast-attack craft’s mid-life upgrade was carried out during 2018-2023. Finnish company Patria has acted as the main contractor of the project.


The overhaul ensures the continuation of the Finnish Navy’s readiness in the 2020s between the decommissioning of Rauma-class fast-attack craft and commissioning of Pohjanmaa-class corvettes.  The objective of the project has been to extend the service life of the Hamina-class craft into the 2030s.



The rapid development of technology and changing threats require constant maintenance of combat vessels and their extensive overhaul at intervals of about 10-15 years.   The life cycle upgrade ensures the capability of the Navy’s combat fleet to repel maritime attacks, protect maritime lines of communication, and monitor and safeguard territorial integrity.

In their size class, the upgraded Hamina-class missile boats are very comprehensively equipped and high-performance.  The overhauled Hamina-class vessels are capable of watching out for and repelling air, surface and sub-surface threats.



The project involved the integration into the vessels of a new anti-ship missile system and improvement of the air and close defence capability of the vessel class.   The vessels’ combat systems were renewed and operating time at sea was increased by ship technical overhauls.  What is more, the vessels were integrated with a new underwater operations capability by the installation of the lightweight torpedo TP47 and variable depth sonar, VDS.



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