French Army conducts another positive evaluation of the Cockerill i-X [VIDEO]

Source: John Cockerill Defense

The Cockerill i-X has completed a new evaluation organized by the French Army’s Technical Section. For five days, our interceptor, born from the merger of the technological excellence of weapon systems and the expertise of rally raid performance, was pushed to its limits during intense and demanding rolling tests and firing sessions.


“The John Cockerill Defense teams would like to thank the Technical Section of the French Army for the many enriching exchanges during these 5 days, which were extremely valuable for the future development of the Cockerill i-X,” John Cockerill Defense said in a statement.



This session, combining industrial technological capabilities with the technical-operational expertise of the “Section Technique de l’Armée de Terre” (STAT), is yet another example of fruitful Franco-Belgian collaboration to meet the needs of European and global armed forces in their fight against insecurity.



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