French Navy conducted test firing of Aster 15 air defence missile

By Defence Industry Europe

The French Navy recently conducted an exercise, showcasing the firing of an Aster 15 missile from the air defence frigate Forbin against a simulated subsonic missile target Banshee Jet 80 (BJ80).

Throughout the exercise, various Directorate General of Armament (DGA) centers of expertise and testing facilities, including DGA Naval Techniques, Information Mastery, and Missile Testing, played integral roles in the preparation, execution, and analysis phases.

Their responsibilities encompassed assessing the exercise’s success probabilities through simulations, securing and controlling the test area, deploying the target, and analyzing the data obtained during the mission.

The exercise demonstrated the effectiveness and capability of the Aster 15 combat system in intercepting subsonic threats, showcasing the robustness and precision of the French Navy’s missile defense capabilities.




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