Germany: record value of defence industry exports in 2023

By Defence Industry Europe

The German government announced a record high in defence industry exports for 2023, totaling EUR 11.7 billion as of mid-December.


The figure includes EUR 6.1 billion in armaments and EUR 5.6 billion in other defence products. Though final statistics are yet to be published, 2023 is set to surpass the previous record set in 2021, when export licenses amounted to EUR 9.35 billion.

A significant portion of the 2023 export licenses were for deliveries to Ukraine, amounting to over EUR 4.1 billion. This represents a substantial increase from 2022, which saw export permits to Ukraine worth EUR 2.24 billion.

Following Ukraine, Norway received exports valued at EUR 1.2 billion. Other major recipients included Hungary (EUR 1 billion), the United Kingdom (EUR 655 million), the USA (EUR 545 million), and Israel (EUR 323 million). The top ten list also featured Poland, France, South Korea, and Cyprus.



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