Germany to enhance Eurofighter jets with electronic warfare capabilities

Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), Defence Industry Europe

Germany plans to outfit its Eurofighter jets for electronic warfare, including equipment to jam and suppress enemy radars and air-defence targeting systems.


The German parliament’s defence committee approved the fighter jet upgrades on Wednesday, dpa has learned. An initial 15 Eurofighters will be outfitted with new equipment in the first step of the project, which is expected to cost a total of more than EUR 380 million.




The Eurofighters will initially be equipped to identify and combat ground-based air defence systems. The jets are later to be equipped to actively jam enemy electronics, although lawmakers have not yet approved those upgrades.

Germany’s air force currently uses outdated Tornado aircraft for electronic warfare missions such as locating and destroying enemy radar systems and radar-controlled air-defence systems.



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