HENSOLDT proves operational capability of land-based sensors

Source: HENSOLDT, Defence Industry Europe

Within the scope of a technology demonstration at the German Army Combat Training Centre (GÜZ), the sensor solution provider HENSOLDT has successfully demonstrated the operational capability of its land-based networked sensors with the technology demonstration vehicle "MUV". In front of representatives of the GÜZ, the Army Development Office (AHEntwg), the Army Command (KdoH), the BAAINBw and the Bundeswehr universities in Hamburg and Munich, the assisted and automated reconnaissance capabilities of the "MUV" could be compared against the real-time situation display of the "AGDUS" duel simulator used at the GÜZ.

During the non-controlled application scenario, it was possible for the first time to detect and classify objects using machine learning algorithms. With the “Ceretron” computing unit, the sensor network was able to detect real camouflaged combat vehicles under attack, to reconnoitre them and to transfer them assisted to a command-and-control information system networked with a headquarters.

Through the AI-supported reconnaissance assistant and the assistance for leading under the hatch, it was possible to pass targets between the individual workstations of the vehicle. By networking laser alarms, reconnaissance optronics, all-round vision, as well as distributing information in the network between several vehicles and command posts, it was possible to automatically resolve several threat alarms.

“In the context of ‘FAWU’ (reconnaissance-guidance-effect-support), HENSOLDT sees its role particularly in the context of reconnaissance with fluid transitions to our other competencies,” says Tanya Altmann, division manager Optronics & Land Solutions and managing director of HENSOLDT Optronics GmbH. “The successful demonstration in Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide has shown that our idea of sensor data fusion, also with a view to the digitalisation of land-based operations, is forward-looking.”


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