IDF employs Smartshooter SMASH for precision targeting

By Arie Egozi

The infantry soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) fighting in Gaza are equipped with the SMASH rifle sight, allowing them to hit the target with the first bullet. This special sight was developed by the Israeli company Smartshooter.


According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Smartshooter’s Smash sight is widely used by IDF infantry units operating and fighting in the Gaza Strip. Smartshooter describes SMASH as a solution that elevates all shooters to an expert level, even when engaging small drones and unmanned aerial systems. The SMASH family of fire control systems can be mounted on a UGV, operated handheld, or remotely. They use advanced algorithms, AI, and computer vision to ensure accurate hit capabilities, increasing situational awareness and lethality of the forces, and guaranteeing that only the target will be hit, not innocent bystanders.



Any assault rifle can be equipped with the external add-on SMASH Fire Control System (FCS). SMASH monitors the target’s movements and synchronizes the shot release to ensure quick and accurate hits after the user locks onto and recognizes the target (either independently or with the help of the detection system). SMASH allows connectivity with C4I systems, battle management systems, and external sensors. It can receive guidance from environmental sensors or detection systems, often enabling the systems to “see” the threat before the human eye can, especially in emergency situations where every second counts.



The innovative fire control system considers a variety of factors: from the direction and speed of the target’s movement to the ballistics of the weapon it is mounted on. The small computer inside processes all the data to make the hit accurate. The SMASH is capable of predicting the future location of the target, matching the time the target reaches the location and the time the projectile reaches it.



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