IDF special units employ armed drones against terrorists in Gaza

By Arie Egozi

The special units of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are using armed drones in Gaza to attack terrorists hiding in civilian sites.


For the first time since its establishment, the Multidimensional Unit of the IDF, one of the special ground units, used such an armed drone in combat.



The unit, established four years ago, integrates innovative technologies with special capabilities alongside teams of soldiers operating in parallel.


Defence Industry Europe mobile V2


The unit’s soldiers were the first to eliminate terrorists using advanced drones and a combination of technological capabilities for target identification and direction of fire. The soldiers destroyed dozens of anti-tank missile launch positions, observation posts, and weapons storage facilities in the northern Gaza Strip, and eliminated dozens of Hamas terrorists posing a threat to our forces. In one operation, the unit located numerous weapons in a school and a mosque.

Israeli defence companies manufacture various armed drones that are operated by the ground forces in the combat zone.


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