IDF successfully implements guided supply system for precise airdrops

By Arie Egozi

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has used a system for the first time that enables accurate air drops to ground forces.


A logistical airdrop, which involved parachuting about 7 tons of water to hundreds of IDF soldiers engaged in combat in Khan Yunis, took place a few days ago. The special supply operation was carried out using a C-130 J aircraft from the 103rd Squadron, in a joint operation with the Technology and Logistics Division and the aerial supply unit of the Marom Brigade.



The “Guided Supply” system is an advanced operational system that enables the parachuting of equipment to ground forces using precise navigational capabilities. This is the first operational use of this system and the first operational airdrop carried out since the Second Lebanon War.


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One of the unique operational capabilities of the 98th Division is its independent logistical capabilities when sending supplies on land is not possible. All the elements of the division practiced joint use of the system to achieve precise delivery capabilities via parachute.



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