IRIS-T SLM air defence system achieves very high effectiveness in Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The IRIS-T SLM air defence system delivered by the German government to Ukraine achieves very high effectiveness in a real combat scenario. The German company Diehl Defence receives many reports from the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirming the advantages of the IRIS-T SLM system on the modern battlefield.

“We have received confirmation that IRIS-T SLM air defence system exceeds even the highest expectations in terms of hit accuracy, reliability and lethality even over long distances and in adverse weather conditions,” CEO of Diehl Defence Helmut Rauch said in an interview with the Greek webiste

As Defence Industry Europe reported, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuiry Ignat said earlier that IRIS-T SLM achieved 90 per cent effectiveness against various aerial targets.

“We are particularly honored by the statement by the president of Ukraine that the IRIS-T SLM system is the best they have due to its extremely high effectiveness rate,” added Helmut Reuch.

Due to the achieved effectiveness of the IRIS-T SLM in Ukraine, increasingly more countries are interested in purchasing this air defence system.

According to Helmut Rauch, some third countries have contacted the Ukrainian government and asked it about the effectiveness of the IRIS-T SLM.

“The IRIS-T SLM system, donated to Ukraine by the German government, helps Ukrainians defend their airspace and protect their country from massive drone and cruise missile attacks. The recorded effectiveness rates speak for themselves and we are proud that this contributes reliably to the protection of the Ukrainian population and critical infrastructure,” said CEO of Diehl Defence Helmut Rauch.

Germany delivered the first of four scheduled IRIS-T SLM air defence systems to Ukraine in October 2022.



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