Israeli DSIT presents solution for defence against torpedoes threats

By Arie Egozi

Torpedoes are one of the main threats for surface ships. Israeli company DSIT has developed a comprehensive protection system to counter that threat.

DSIT, a subsidiary of Rafael, has developed a system that combines  DSIT’s Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) system and Rafael’s Anti-Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) – comprised of the SCUTTER Mk3 3rd generation torpedo soft-kill decoy and the TORBUSTER SP hard-kill solution. The comprehensive system can be installed on a variety of surface vessels and serve as part of a complete protection suite that includes automatic torpedo detection, classification, and alerts, as well as soft and hard-kill capabilities.

According to the company, the HMS systems deliver outstanding performance due to their multiple cutting-edge capabilities, enabling early torpedo detection and warning that allows the vessel to perform evasive maneuvers and anti-torpedo defence actions. Operating in Active, Passive, and Intercept modes with a high probability of detection of any approaching torpedo, DSIT’s HMS systems provide exceptionally rapid torpedo classification in all its operating modes. Optionally operating 24/7 under all weather and sea conditions, and while the ship is underway, the system simultaneously tracks and processes multiple targets, delivering highly accurate 360° detection with a negligible number of false alarms. Due to its automatic torpedo alert capabilities, an operator is needed only when the system sends an alert regarding an approaching torpedo. DSIT’s HMS systems are offered in a variety of configurations that are suitable for almost any size, new or existing ship.

Hanan Marom, VP BD & Marketing for DSIT Solutions, said, “We are proud to launch, together with Rafael, our parent company, the next-generation, compact, advanced Torpedo Defence System. DSIT HMS systems provide ships with advanced threat detection capabilities, improving survivability and mission effectiveness in contested environments. The updated HMS systems were designed to detect all types of torpedoes, including the most modern ones. In addition, thanks to advanced signal processing and algorithms, the system enables highly accurate detection and automatic alert capabilities, which interface with any ship’s Combat Management System (CMS) and any torpedo countermeasure systems.”

Yoram Israeli, Marketing and BD Director at Rafael’s Naval Directorate, said: “Rafael and  DSIT are leading players in the complex naval security arena. DSIT’s work has led to breakthroughs in developing precise defence solutions for the most significant defence threats against all kinds of torpedoes. The innovations from the labs of the two companies have brought about new systems that have proven their effectiveness in the underwater naval sphere for both submarines as well as surface vessels. We are excited to be presenting the companies’ comprehensive Anti-Torpedo Defence system (ATDS) which is capable of bolstering the Torpedo defence of the world’s navies.”


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