Junghans Defence introduces the Furya, a new dual-mode artillery fuze

By Defence Industry Europe

The Junghans Defence company announced that at the end of 2022 it successfully completed the qualification of a new dual-mode artillery fuze called Furya.

“With this achievement, we have supplemented our artillery product portfolio with a new and cost-effective dual mode fuze,” the Junghans Defence announced on social media.

According to Jungnahs Defence, the Furya artillery fuze “has been designed and verified for use on extended range (Base Bleed) ammunition and for full IM compliance for both 105 mm and 155 mm artillery as well as for 120 mm rifled mortar.”

The Furya artillery fuze offers two functions: Proximity and Point Detonating Super Quick. Prefered mode can by selected by user inductively or manually (no need for a fuze setter).

The qualification tests of the new Jungans Defence artillery fuze were carried out at a test range in Alkantpan, South Africa. The Furya was tested under various extreme environmental conditions and configurations and performed perfectly in every single shot, the company said.




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