Netherlands selects AARGM-ER missiles for its F-35 fleet

By Defence Industry Europe

The Dutch Ministry of Defence announced the decision to purchase AARGM-ER (Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Extended Range) anti-radiation missiles produced by American defence giant Northrop Grumman. The Netherlands intends to equip its fleet of F-35 aircraft with these missiles.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defence, AARGM-ER missiles serve as a response to the growing A2/AD (Anti-Access/Area Denial) capabilities possessed by potential adversaries, including sophisticated air defense systems. Without AARGM-ER missiles, engaging in such hostile territories would entail substantial risks, constraining the freedom of military operations.

“Enhancing the weaponry of the F-35s was a concrete objective outlined in last year’s Defense White Paper. The newly acquired missiles, known as AARGM-ER, are supplied by the American manufacturer Northrop Grumman. This option was the only one that met all the requirements, leading the Dutch Ministry of Defence to acquire them through the United States government,” the Dutch Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

By procuring these AARGM-ER missiles, the Dutch Ministry of Defence not only gains a formidable and scarce capability but also addresses the shortage of anti-A2/AD ammunition in Europe. Training with the new munitions and supportive systems will enable the F-35s to participate in innovative concepts of aerial operations on an international scale. This acquisition contributes to the innovative capacity of the Dutch Armed Forces.



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