Netherlands to purchase ammunition for EUR 1.5 billion in the coming years

By Defence Industry Europe

The Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands announced that in the years 2025-2031 it will allocate EUR 1.5 for the purchase of various types of ammunition.

According to a statement published by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, the country intends to purchase various types of guided and conventional ammunition for a number of weapon systems operated by the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Future purchases scheduled for 2025-2031 will include ammunition for artillery and rocket systems, mortar shells, anti-tank missiles (for AH-64E helicopters), air defence interceptors (for Patriot systems), air-to-air missiles, aerial bombs (for F-35 fighters), ammunition for naval artillery systems, ammunition for machine guns and small arms, grenades, flares, etc.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence stressed that all types of ammunition to be purchased are currently used by the Netherlands Armed Forces.



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