Nexter to lead the development of electromagnetic artillery demonstrator

By Defence Industry Europe

Nexter Systems, a French arms manufacturer and a company of KNDS, will lead the THEMA (TecHnology for ElectroMagnetic Artillery) project, which was selected by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund 2022 calls for proposals.

According to the European Commission, the THEMA project will mature critical components of the electromagnetic gun, including the pulsed-power supply, the electromagnetic railgun, and the hypervelocity projectile. It aims to provide a hypersonic interceptor with enhanced precision and lethality to effectively counter the most challenging threats.

The electromagnetic gun is expected to complement other defensive means such as missiles and guns, and it can be adapted for use on various naval platforms and land-based permanent air defense systems, as stated in a statement regarding the result of the European Defence Fund 2022 calls for proposals.

The THEMA project will be concluded in 48 months, and the European Commission will fund it with a EUR 14.9 million grant.


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