Norway: decommissioned corvette hit by NSM missile during exercises [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

The Royal Norwegian Navy conducted a live fire exercise with NSM (Naval Strike Misile) anti-ship missile. The target was the retired 70-meter corvette HNoMS Æger. As a result of being hit by the NSM missile, the ship was successfully sunk.

The NSM missile was launched from HNoMS Otto Sverdrup, a Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate that entered service with the Royal Norwegian Navy in 2008.

“The Navy carried out a successful launch of a Naval Strike Missile in the Norwegian Sea. It is highly important for the Norwegian Armed Forces to verify the functionality of our weapons,” stated Michel Christian Hayes, the Acting Head of Communications of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

“We focused on utilizing the missile system operationally and realistically. The missile system performed as expected, even in challenging weather conditions. The shot was a success and caused severe damage to the target,” reported Capt. Lars Ole Høknes, Commanding Officer of HNoMS “Otto Sverdrup.”




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