Norway has delivered the first F-16’s to Romania

Source: Norwegian Ministry od Defence

"Three pilots from Romania will take off from Rygge Airfield this week with three overhauled F-16 back home to Romania. The purchase of F-16 will aid in the modernization and defence of Romania, an allied nation in NATOs eastern flank, that also share boarders with Ukraine. It is an important milestone that we are marking today, when these fighter jets are delivered to Romania," states Norwegian Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram


“Norway has begun their delivery of F-16 that were used in the Norwegian Air Force. These deliveries will breathe new life into the air force of our allies as Norway pashed out their F-16’s back in 2021. Since then, the Norwegian Defence Material Agency (FMA) has worked on selling their 32 F-16s to Romania”, Norwegian Ministry of Defence said in press release.

The first delivery of fighter jets has begun after an intense period of preparations, where the Norwegian Defence Material Agency in collaboration with Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) has done modifications, maintenance and certified the fighter jets in order to prepare them for use in Romania. These fighter jets have also been approved by both the Norwegian and the US government.



“The contract with Romania doesn’t just includes the deliverance of new fighter jets, but also two fighter jet squadrons with spare parts, support equipment and training of technician. The reasons for this progress are due to the great work from the Norwegian Defence Material Agency and their employees, with great aid from KAMS and the experienced F-16 personnel from the Norwegian air force,” says Gram.

These fighter jets will be delivered over the span of 2024 until 2025, which will give Romania time to develop competence for both pilots and technicians. The Norwegian Defence Material Agency will also aid the Romanian air force with knowledge and experience related to the fighter jets.


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“In the Norwegian Defence Material Agency, we tend to be the once that acquire materiel for the military, but with the sale of these F-16s we are the supplier for material and equipment worth billions. We have made this happen due to professionalized disposal area. We are securing great assets for the Norwegian society and we contribute to the re-use of military equipment for other allied nations in order to improve their defence capabilities. Because of this, I see this as a proud day for the Norwegian Defence Material Agency and everyone that has worked so hard for this contract to happen,” states agency director Gro Jære.



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