OCCAR signs contribution agreement for the E-NACSOS project

Source: European Commission, Defence Industry Europe

The European Commission has entrusted the Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR) the management of the EDF 2022 project EU Naval Collaborative Surveillance Operational Standard project (E-NACSOS).


Based on the contribution agreement signed on 13 December 2023, OCCAR will prepare and manage the grant agreement.

E-NACSOS aims to ensure superiority at sea of EU naval surface vessels based on an exchange of data provided by the sensors on board of different platforms and their fusion at plot level. Operational benefits will refer to detect, identify, classify, and track aerial threats, while providing a better tactical picture continuity, an improve early warning, track recognition and identification. E-NACSOS will set up the basis for a future cooperative engagement capability.


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E-NACSOS consortium is built in a valuable spirit across 21 partners from 12 Member States, including innovative SMEs and well-renowned academics. All of them will contribute with high complementarity skills while yielding an example of diversity and inclusiveness.

Having OCCAR as Granting Authority for E-NACSOS will streamline the management of such a complex project and ensure smooth coordination between the Grant Agreement funded with up to € 65 million by the EU budget, and the Linked Procurement Contract financed by the participating Member States.


Read the E-NACSOS factsheet.



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