Paramount launches production of N-Raven loitering munition

Source: Paramount / Defence Industry Europe

Paramount Aerospace Systems (PAS), subsidiary to Paramount, announced that its N-Raven loitering munition will begin production in April this year with first deliveries in October.

N-Raven has been digitally designed with quick transfer of technology in mind, to enable governments to manufacture these loitering munitions in their countries, in less than one year. The announcement was made at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2023) in Abu Dhabi.

Paramount Aerospace Systems has developed the N-Raven as a robust yet cost-effective loitering munition to meet the needs of the new battlefield in both asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, by utilising proven building blocks, components and experience gained from the company’s previously-fielded and operational remote-controlled systems.

Paramount’s N-Raven consists of three different models; GPS guided, fixed Optical  Seeker Head target identification, recognition and tracking; and a Gimbal version of the Optical Seeker Head. All these technologies including the hardware, software and AI have been developed by Paramount.

The swarming version of the N Raven is in advanced stages of development and is scheduled to be industrialized in the second half of 2024.

With a wingspan of 3.6 meters, a maximum cruise speed of up to 180 km/hr and a loitering endurance time of roughly 2 hours (electric) and 4.5 hours (petrol) and a range of up to 100 km, the 55 kg N-Raven delivers capabilities to find, fix and  destroy, neutralize and suppress targets. The 13.5 kg payload is key to this ability.

Mobile and deployable in a short period of time, operational units can utilise and launch the N-Raven from both land-based and naval platforms. Commanders will benefit from the advantage of the N-Raven’s precision strike capabilities against targets, both static and moving, located deep within enemy territory,

“Designed to strengthen armed forces’ aerial reconnaissance, engagement and precision strike capabilities, while removing humans from harm’s way, the N Raven addresses the increasing requirements of governments for defence industrial autonomy and maintaining security of supply”, contends Paramount Global CEO, Steve Griessel.

“The N Raven is a lightweight solution yet with the capacity to immobilise convoys and supply lines and in doing so, deplete enemy capabilities,” he continued.

“Recent conflicts around the world have confirmed that loitering munitions will play a key role on the new battlefield . This ingenious, affordable technology increases mission survivability and success, enhances  real time actionable intelligence, minimises exposure of friendly forces, and in doing so,  provide armed forces around the world with an unassailable advantage” says Griessel.

“Nearly three decades ago, Paramount was founded on the belief that true innovation in our space means bringing technologically advanced, affordable and highly customisable solutions to the needs of our partners. The N-Raven is designed and produced with portable production in mind, allowing our partners the ability to bolster their own defence industrial capabilities and do this at warp speed.”



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