Paris Air Show 2023: alternating Rafale/Falcon 6X demo

Source: Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation presents its dual civil/military know-how to professionals and the general public at the Paris Air Show 2023.

The Paris Air Show is an opportunity for Dassault Aviation to fly its Rafale and Falcon 6X aircraft in spectacular demonstrations, much to the delight of spectators.

The Rafale is the world’s only fully “omni-role” aircraft and can be operated from a land base or an aircraft carrier, and can carry 1.5 times its own weight in weapons and fuel. It was designed to perform all combat aviation missions:
– air-to-air intercept and combat with a 30mm gun, Mica IR/EM missiles and Meteor long-range missiles.
– close air support with a 30mm gun, GBU laser-guided bombs and AASM GPS-guided bombs.
– deep strikes with Scalp / Storm Shadow cruise missiles.
– anti-ship attack with Exocet AM39 Block 2 missiles and other air-to-surface weapons.
– real-time tactical and strategic reconnaissance with the Areos pod.
– in-flight refueling from one Rafale to another (with the “buddy-buddy” refueling nacelle).
– nuclear deterrence (France only) with the ASMP-A missile.

The Falcon 6X will set a new standard for widebody comfort, with the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation. Measuring six feet, six inches in height and eight feet, six inches in width, the 6X will be the first ultra-widebody purpose-built business jet in the industry.



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