Patria NEMO Navy achieves an international breakthrough in Sweden

Source: Patria Magazine

The Patria NEMO Navy mortar system ordered by Sweden is an important international reference for Patria. This mortar system boosts accurate fire-on-the-move capabilities. It has attracted interest from others, too.


Sweden is bolstering its maritime defence capability with eight new mortar vessels that will be equipped with the Patria NEMO Navy mortar system.  The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV (Försvarets materielverk) has ordered these vessels from Swede Ship Marine AB, for which Patria serves as a subcontractor.

Mats Hamrin, Key Account Manager Nordics at Patria, says that two Swedish shipyards reached the final stretch of the tendering process. FMV chose the package offered by Swede Ship Marine, which included the Patria NEMO Navy mortar system.



“Together we’ll build an optimal solution for the Swedish Armed Forces. This is a good example of Swedish-Finnish cooperation in the defence sector,” says Hamrin.


An effective solution for fast-moving forces  

Patria NEMO Navy is a lightweight and compact 120 mm turreted mortar system that is ideal for applications in fast-moving fleets. The same product family also includes Patria NEMO for vehicle integration and the Patria NEMO Container solution.

The Swedish Armed Forces were already familiar with Patria’s mortar system — in 2018, Patria NEMO Container passed test firings conducted in challenging marine conditions in Sweden. In these tests, the container solution was integrated into a Fast Supply Vessel.

In addition to eight mortar vessels, FMV’s order includes two Patria NEMO Container systems. The container operates as a fully standalone mortar unit, as it includes all the necessary features: the weapon, ammunition and crew protection.



It’s also accurate on the move.

The mortar vessels will be used by amphibious troops stationed in Stockholm and Gothenburg. These troops operate on coasts, archipelagos and estuaries — their task is to repel enemy landings and, if necessary, to also carry out landings of their own.

To this end, the Swedish Armed Forces developed the Amfbat 2030 concept for its combat forces to enhance their mobility, speed and firepower.

The acquisition of mortar vessels supports the practical implementation of this concept.

“The NEMO system provides troops with indirect mortar fire capabilities from a moving vessel. The mortar systems of other manufacturers don’t include such features,” says Hamrin.



An excellent reference in international markets

Patria’s partner Swede Ship Marine has experience in ship-building that goes back to the 1890s. The company has supplied ships to the Swedish Armed Forces and Coast Guard since the 1930s.

“Swede Ship Marine invited us to participate in discussions with FMV at a very early stage. Since then, we’ve worked closely together. We’re like one team,” says Hamrin.

Swede Ship Marine and Patria will deliver the first fully equipped vessel to FMV in early 2027 and the last at the end of 2028.

“We can deliver the vessels on a fairly rapid schedule.  Nowadays, customers value fast delivery times.”

Hamrin says that this order from Sweden bolsters the position of Patria’s NEMO mortar system in the international market — and increases interest worldwide.

“The Swedish Armed Forces are known to set very high demands on their procurements. They want only the best quality.  This order will serve as an important international reference for us,” says Hamrin.



State-of-the-art technology based on in-house product development

Patria NEMO’s state-of-the-art weapons technology is built on the company’s 80 years-plus experience of 120 mm mortar systems. Fire-on-the-move capabilities significantly speed up fire mission preparation, weapon alignment and opening fire.

To this end, the turret must have an effective stabilisation system.

Accurate fire also requires an advanced ballistic calculation system to determine continually changing fire values. The turret control system is based on Patria’s state-of-the-art in-house software expertise.

Patria NEMO is also suitable for multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) firing. MRSI involves firing several mortal shells right after each other — they hit the target at the same time. In addition to indirect fire, the system features direct fire capability.


Source: Patria Magazine.






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