RAF transport aircraft flies Canadian Military Assistance supplies to Europe for Ukraine

Source: Royal Air Force (RAF)

A Royal Air Force C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft has delivered Canadian military supplies destined for use by the Ukrainian military to Europe, on behalf of the Canadian Government.

The 99 Squadron aircraft from RAF Brize Norton picked up the supplies from the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 8 Wing based at the Trenton Canadian Forces Base on the shores of Lake Ontario. The sortie was carried out as part of the ATARES program.

The ATARES programme provides mutual support for the partner nations through an exchange of air transport services. The partnership consists of 28 European and NATO nations including the UK and Canada.

On arrival in Europe the equipment was delivered to the Ukrainian military.

“This is just one example of the speed and reach of the RAF Air Mobility Force, working closely with our allies and partners to rapidly deliver critical logistical support,” said Air Commodore A J ‘Noz’ Lyle, Commander of the RAF’s Air Mobility Force.

This C-17 flight is an example of the ongoing work that the Air Mobility Force of the RAF has been conducting as part of the UK Government’s support to Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

To date, the aircraft of the Air Mobility Force have moved thousands of tonnes of military assistance for Ukraine from donors around the world.

Overall, the UK has taken a leading role in facilitating international donations of military equipment via the International Donor Coordination Centre. The UK is committed to provide the capabilities Ukraine requires, including artillery, air defence and armoured vehicles, and to drive further international donations and secure lasting peace.



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