Rafael to present TROPHY Active Protection System at MSPO 2023

By Arie Egozi

During the MSPO 2023, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd will promote its cutting-edge TROPHY Active Protection System (APS) to significantly enhance the survivability and defensive capabilities of potential users such as the Polish Land Forces armored vehicles could include M1A2 Abrams and K2 Black Panther tanks and other wheeled or chained IFV’s & APC’s.

The TROPHY APS has gained widespread recognition as the only operational active protection system that has saved lives on the battlefield. TROPHY has been integrated and deployed on Israeli Merkava Mk 4 tanks as well as its integration on the US Abrams, German Leopard, and ongoing integration on the UK Challenger 3. Having made its combat debut in Israeli service in 2011, the system’s outstanding performance led to numerous export contracts. Rafael has succeeded in integrating the system on a variety of platforms beyond main battlefield tanks, with the IDF’s “Namer” Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) which also is deployed with TROPHY APS. With 11 years of operation, TROPHY has been constantly upgraded and improved. Today the system is significantly lighter and smaller, with low SWAP requirement and includes several other capabilities based on the lessons learned through operational experience.



In line with these improvements and based on successful integration on other lighter platforms, the Polish Army’s acquisition of the Borsuk APC makes, yet another Polish invested platform that could benefit from TROPHY’s unique defense capabilities.



Countries like the United States, Germany, Great Britain, and South Korea have all opted for the TROPHY system, solidifying its reputation as a highly effective and dependable active defense solution that can be seamlessly integrated on a variety of platforms.

With over 1,900 TROPHY system kits delivered globally and a cumulative operational experience of more than a million hours, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems continuously refines and optimizes the design to provide increased combat parameters. As modern anti-tank weapons become more sophisticated, the importance of active defense systems like TROPHY cannot be overstated. Without such systems, the survivability of even the latest tanks on the battlefield is called into question when facing increasingly potent anti-tank threats.

Rafael has built significant expertise in integrating the TROPHY system on various tanks. The integration process is known to proceed quickly, with the example of the US Army Abrams taking just over a year. The main factor determining the pace of implementation is often the availability of the armored vehicles for retrofitting with the TROPHY system.



“The Polish Land Forces have made strategic choices in the acquisition of advanced tanks, and we are excited to be showcasing our TROPHY Active Protection System at MSPO 2023 as a solution to complement their capabilities,” stated EVP Dr. Ran Gozali, Head of the Land Systems Directorate at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. “With the TROPHY system integrated into their armored fleet, the Polish Army can benefit from enhanced protection against emerging anti-tank threats, providing their troops with a decisive edge on the modern battlefield.”

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has worked closely with the Polish Army for decades. This close working relationship and successful integration of the TROPHY system onto M1A2 Abrams and K2 Black Panther tanks and other relevant armored vehicles make it a potential solution to quickly bolster Poland’s defense capabilities. As Poland looks to modernize its infantry fighting vehicle, Rafael is well-equipped to offer its expertise for the future integration of the TROPHY APS.




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