Rheinmetall CEO expects multi-billion ammunition order

By Defence Industry Europe

In an interview with Reuters, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger stated that Germany is preparing to sign a contract for the delivery of ammunition to the Bundeswehr. He emphasized that the value of the contract is expected to reach several billion euros.

Armin Papperger expects that the contract would be signed within the next six weeks, and it is intended to be a framework agreement.

The CEO of Rheinmetall also highlighted that since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the company has secured contracts for the production of various types of ammunition with a total value of several million euros.



Furthermore, Rheinmetall expects that the total value of all contracts signed in 2023 will reach a double-digit euros sum.

As reported on the Defence Industry Europe portal, Rheinmetall’s current production capacity stands at 450,000 projectiles per year. However, the company has declared that starting from next year, as a result of the finalization of the acquisition of the Spanish company Expal Systems, its production capacity will increase to 600,000 pieces of artillery ammunition annually.


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