Saab partners with Tulmar to meet rising demand for camouflage systems

By Defence Industry Europe

Saab has announced a collaborative agreement with Canada's Tulmar Safety Systems to address the increasing demand for advanced camouflage solutions. The partnership aims to create job opportunities in Ontario's skilled manufacturing sector while catering to the growing need for camouflage systems in North America.

Under this agreement, Saab will assemble its Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS) at Tulmar Safety Systems in Hawkesbury, Ontario. The advanced multispectral material, developed in Sweden by Saab, will be tailored by Tulmar to suit various military vehicles used by customers worldwide.

“It’s not simply about expanding our capacity to produce advanced camouflage products, we needed a partner that maintains our high standard for product quality and upholds the equality and environmental values that are at the core of our business. said Henning Robach, Head of Business Unit Saab Barracuda. “This partnership will allow us to better serve our North American customers, and customers around the world, as we expand our overall production capacity”.

Tulmar Safety Systems brings extensive expertise in manufacturing protective textiles, including those used for military vehicles. The partnership promises exciting opportunities for knowledge transfer between the two companies and countries.

“Our relationship with Saab pulls to our core strengths in engineering while providing new opportunities for Canadian industry” said Patrick Tallon, President and Chief Executive Officer at Tulmar Safety Systems. “We are already seeing the benefits of Swedish-Canadian collaboration as we prepare for MCS.”

Saab’s Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) is at the forefront of military vehicle concealment. By utilizing advanced blends of pigments, coatings, and textiles, MCS effectively manages the electromagnetic signature of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other vehicles, reducing their detection. The system’s solutions can be customized to counter sensors detecting various signatures, including ultraviolet, visual, near-infrared, short-wave infrared, thermal infrared, and radar.

Through this strategic partnership, Saab and Tulmar Safety Systems aim to meet the growing demand for advanced camouflage systems while fostering innovation and collaboration in the defense industry.



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