FMV signs contract with Saab Barracuda for camouflage systems

Source: FMV, Defence Industry Europe

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has announced a new groundbreaking agreement with Saab Barracuda regarding the procurement of Mobile Camouflage Systems (MCS). The initial contract spans three years with the possibility of extension.

This innovative collaboration marks a new and unique approach to military operations. FMV has previously procured the base material for object-specific camouflage, which is currently stored by the industry. Unlike general-purpose 7×7 m camouflage nets that can be used for various purposes, object-specific masking is tailor-made for a specific object, such as a combat vehicle. The primary purpose of this specialized masking is to reduce the vehicle’s visibility in different sensors.

Through this new agreement, FMV, upon request from the Swedish Armed Forces, can now flexibly order object-specific camouflage, opening up entirely new delivery possibilities. For instance, FMV can order equipment for a unit that requires heightened readiness or prioritize a particular type of vehicle/system. Previously, orders were limited to specific material areas, making it more cumbersome to procure simultaneously for multiple systems. The concept also enhances supply chain security.

“With the newly established flexibility and the material already available within the Swedish industry, the lead times from decision to effect are significantly reduced. The project team has done an excellent job, and together with the industry, they have created opportunities for increased operational effectiveness,” stated Erik Wistedt, Head of Field Operations Unit at FMV.

This groundbreaking contract signifies a remarkable leap forward in military logistics, enabling FMV to swiftly respond to operational demands and enhance the effectiveness of camouflage systems. The ability to procure object-specific camouflage directly from industry storage ensures shorter lead times and increased operational readiness. The collaborative efforts between FMV and Saab Barracuda have paved the way for improved efficiency and effectiveness in the field, bolstering Sweden’s overall defence capabilities.

By embracing cutting-edge solutions and fostering collaboration with industry partners, FMV continues to strengthen Sweden’s position as a leader in military innovation and capability. The object-specific camouflage systems will play a crucial role in enhancing the stealth and survivability of Swedish defence assets across various operational environments.



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