Skyranger 30 Lynx: Rheinmetall to develop new air defence turret

Source: Hungarian Ministry of Defence

The Hungarian Defence Forces and Rheinmetall AG have agreed on the development of an air defence system for the heavy infantry brigade capability under construction in line with the NATO commitments of Hungary.


The aim of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence is to develop the Hungarian Defence Forces into a 21st century, high-tech military force, both in terms of personnel and equipment, capable of defending Hungary and fulfilling the country’s international obligations. However, the modernisation of the equipment is not merely about procurement but continuous development is also part of the process.

The air defence turret is an important component of the Lynx armoured fighting vehicle, which is one of the cutting edge systems of the Hungarian Defence Forces and is considered one of the most modern ones in the world. Its importance is underlined by the experience of current security challenges. Active defence against low-flying, small aircraft – drones – and conventional air targets is now essential for the effective deployment of armoured capabilities.



Under the latest agreement between the Hungarian Defence Forces and its strategic partner Rheinmetall, the German defence industry giant has been awarded a contract to develop the Skyranger 30 Lynx short-range air defence turret. Based on the chassis of Lynx introduced in the Hungarian Defence Forces, the 21st century-compliant device will provide direct air defence cover for the heavy brigade equipped with modern combat vehicles, while also extending the range of Lynx variants.

During the Second World War, the Hungarian Army used Hungarian-developed “Nimród” self-propelled anti-aircraft guns for the same role, but the capability disappeared from the Hungarian Defence Forces during the ill-considered force reduction program. The Skyranger 30 marks the re-establishment of the Short Range Air Defence as a combat branch.



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