Spike Users’ Club Meeting in Denmark advances global partnership on tactical missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

In a successful gathering of global users, the 18th Spike Users' Club Meeting recently concluded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event, jointly organized by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), EuroSpike, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, brought together military professionals from various nations who utilize the combat-proven Spike missile family.

The Spike Users’ Club Meeting, established in 2003, serves as an annual platform for users to collaborate, foster partnerships, and share operational experiences. By leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of Spike users, the meeting aims to optimize the system’s utilization and address complex defense challenges. This year’s event provided valuable insights into the operability and latest advancements of the Spike missile system, facilitated through workshops focusing on Vehicle Integration, Operations, Tactics and Doctrine, Logistics, and Training and Simulation. Attendees were also introduced to the newest Spike trainer.

EuroSpike, one of the organizing entities, expressed satisfaction with the exchange of insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of a strong network of Spike users for enhancing system performance and contributing to global defense.

The NSPA representative highlighted the meeting’s significance in fostering collaboration among the Spike community within NATO and beyond. They emphasized the aim to enhance interoperability, operational effectiveness, and maximize the value of the cutting-edge missile system. The partnership between NSPA, Rafael, and EuroSpike was commended for their commitment to supporting the Spike Users’ Club and their customer nations.

Overall, the 18th Spike Users’ Club Meeting proved to be a fruitful event that nurtured collaboration and knowledge sharing among global users of the Spike missile family, reinforcing their dedication to strengthening the system’s capabilities and collective defense efforts.



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