Sweden: FMV buys machine guns for amphibious battalions

By Defence Industry Europe

FMV (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) has signed a framework agreement with Equipnor AB (a part of NFM Group) for machine guns for the amphibious battalions. The system will initially arm the CB90-class (Stridsbåt 90) fast assault crafts.

Selected machine gun, manufactured by Dillon Aero Inc., is electrically powered and can fire around 3,000 rounds per minute. This provides better capabilities to hit targets when the firing platform is in motion and is desirable, for example, when the combat boats are in rough seas. The high rate of fire also provides better opportunities to quickly achieve local fire superiority, facilitating the unit in carrying out its regular combat tasks.



The process of acquiring a new support weapon for the amphibious battalions began as early as 2012 when FMV conducted the initial tests of various systems. Several tests have since followed to ensure that the procured system is suitable for a range of combat situations.

The amphibious battalions are currently undergoing significant changes, and FMV’s mission is to equip the units with modern equipment. Within Amphibious Battalion 2030 programme, the initiative for amphibious units, various systems will be procured, with most currently in the preparation or product definition phase.

In this context, the new machine gun becomes one of the first systems to be acquired, instantly enhancing the units’ capabilities.

The agreement is a framework agreement that can be utilized by the entire Swedish Armed Forces for future acquisitions.

The framework agreement includes a complete system solution, and there is the possibility to procure additional accessories such as sights, laser pointers, and other equipment as needed. Initially, the agreement extends until 2026 with the option to extend two years at a time. The total value amounts to approximately 300 million SEK during the agreement period.



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