The United States and Luxembourg establish a new era of Space cooperation within NATO

Source: Joint press release by the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and the US Embassy Luxembourg

The United States and Luxembourg have established a Global Commercially Contracted Satellite Communications Support Partnership (GCC SATCOM SP), opening a new era of Space cooperation within NATO.

The GCC SATCOM SP enables Participating Nations to jointly manage, through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), a full range of satellite communications services, generating synergies and economies of scale not achievable solely through national contracting processes. The GCC SATCOM SP is governed by a committee, which held its first meeting in Luxembourg this week.

The GCC SATCOM SP provides a framework for additional Allies to participate in the future, thus reducing costs and contributing to the Alliance’s strength and resilience.

Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Mr. François Bausch declared:

“Over the last decade, Space has become a crucial field in defence. In order to keep the upper hand, we constantly have to adapt to rapidly changing requirements, technologies, and threats in and from space. This new NSPA GCC SATCOM Support Partnership allows for “pooling and sharing” of space capabilities and thus strengthens NATO and cooperation between Allies. By creating this partnership, Luxembourg and the US are setting the framework for a future multinational partnership in the field of SATCOM. Luxembourg is asserting itself as a committed and solidary actor in favor of acting multilaterally.”

U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Mr. Tom Barrett, said: “The establishment of the GCC SATCOM SP by the United States and Luxembourg enhances NATO’s space capabilities and is another demonstration of our commitment to the Alliance. The partnership elevates the already strong defense and space cooperation between the U.S. and Luxembourg and solidifies our leadership in the space field. As the importance of space to NATO’s defense and deterrence strategy continues to grow, cooperation and further investments in the area are vital. With this partnership, we pave the way for both.”


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