Ukraine needs 25 units of PATRIOT air and missile defence system, says Zelensky

By Defence Industry Europe

In a recent interview with Ukraine's national newscast, president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine needs 25 units of PATRIOT air and missile defence system to ensure complete protection of its airspace. Each unit requires 6-8 launchers to operate effectively. This need arises as Ukraine seeks to bolster its defences against Russian ballistic missiles and guided bombs, which it currently struggles to intercept.


The request for PATRIOT air defence systems was highlighted at a NATO summit in Brussels, showcasing Ukraine’s urgent defence needs amid ongoing conflicts. Zelensky mentioned that although the exact number of PATRIOT systems presently in Ukraine is confidential, the total needed for comprehensive coverage is clear. The president of Ukraine also pointed out that while alternatives to the PATRIOT system could be considered, options are limited.



Despite the challenges, Zelensky praised Ukraine’s air defence efforts, which have created an impression of substantial defensive strength. However, to protect all regions, including those not currently under attack, he affirmed the necessity for 25 PATRIOT systems.


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Addressing concerns over the country’s missile stockpile and the vulnerability of its energy infrastructure, Zelensky remained optimistic. He acknowledged the ongoing risks to the energy system from Russian strikes but expressed confidence in Ukraine’s resilience and current protective measures. Nonetheless, he cautioned about the potential inadequacy of air defence missiles if the intensity of attacks persists, underscoring the importance of international support and preparation for future challenges.




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