Ukroboronprom launched the production of 125mm tank ammunition

By Defence Industry Europe

Ukrainian state-owned defence holding Ukroboronprom has started the production of 125mm tank ammunition. Production is carried out outside Ukraine, in cooperation with one of NATO countries, the company said.

According to Ukroboronprom, the company has already delivered the first set of 125mm tank ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

125mm ammunition is used by several types of Ukrainian main battle tanks. Securing supplies of this ammunition is crucial for maintaining the combat ability of the T-64, T-72, and T-80 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As mentioned above, the production of 125mm ammunition is conducted outside of Ukraine for security reasons. However, Ukroboronprom stresses that Ukrainian workers and specialists are actively involved in the production.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, in February, Ukroboronprom launched the production of 120mm mortar ammunition in cooperation with an unspecified NATO member country.

According to the company, the Ukrainian defence industry, thanks to cooperation with foreign partners, also produces 122mm and 152mm artillery ammunition.



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