Boeing begins sonstruction on new Phantom Works facility

Source: Boeing

Boeing has begun construction on a new facility to house state-of-the-art, post-assembly phases of future military aircraft production.

The new Advanced Coatings Center will be a secure facility operated by Phantom Works, Boeing Defense, Space & Security’s proprietary research, development and prototyping division. The construction phase of the 47,500 square-foot facility is underway, and the center is expected to be operational in 2025.


“As we pivot toward future programs, Boeing’s defense business is in the midst of one of the most significant investments in new facilities in our history,” said Steve Nordlund, Air Dominance vice president and general manager, and St. Louis senior site executive. “This investment is not only to win new future franchise programs but, more importantly, to enable the United States to outpace increasingly capable and aggressive adversaries. We are revolutionizing how aircraft are designed, built and delivered because the threats demand it,” Nordlund said.

The Advanced Coatings Center is the third new facility revealed as part of Phantom Works’ multi-billion-dollar Production System of the Future effort, enabling Boeing to scale a platform-agnostic, modular and flexible digital production system across future defense programs. Last fall, the company opened the new Advanced Composite Fabrication Center in Mesa, Ariz., and added a new St. Louis-based Lab and Test facility over the winter. Additional new factories supporting various phases of production are planned for the coming years.

“This facility is great news for Missouri and for our nation,” said Missouri Gov. Mike Parson. “With more than 15,000 employees, Boeing is Missouri’s largest manufacturer that helps spur this state’s economic growth every day. This new facility shows our commitment to growth and our investment in the talented workforce.”




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