Boeing proposes T-7 training aircraft for Australia

Source: Boeing

Boeing is ready to offer its T-7 advanced trainer to Australia to help ensure the mission-readiness of the country’s future defence pilots. The T-7 is a new cost-effective system combining a trainer aircraft with a ground-based simulator to replace older trainers.

The T-7 could be used to train future Australian pilots of F/A-18F Super Hornets, EA-18G Growlers, F-35s and other defence aircraft using live and ‘as real-as-it-gets’ virtual simulation.

The announcement was made during the Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow, where Boeing brought a T-7 simulator for customer demonstrations.

“The T-7 would fit right into the pilot training and aircraft sustainment our team currently provides for the Australian Defence Force,” said Scott Carpendale, vice president and managing director, Boeing Defence Australia. “Because the U.S. and Australia already have a high degree of interoperability due to flying similar aircraft types, an Australian T-7 could lead to new joint training scenarios between the two countries.”

The T-7’s digital open architecture and reconfigurable cockpit means the trainer/simulator can be updated rapidly for decades to come.



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