British Army’s Ajax vehicle rounds out positive year

Source: UK Ministry of Defence

The Ajax Programme is making positive progress towards the delivery of a new generation of armoured fighting vehicles that meets the British Army’s needs, UK Ministry of Defence said in a statement.


The Ajax Programme has turned a corner and is progressing towards the delivery of a new generation of armoured fighting vehicles that meets the Army’s needs, against a revised delivery schedule that sets realistic and achievable milestones.

The UK MOD continues to work closely with General Dynamics to deliver the 589 vehicles, of which there are six variants, all based upon a common base platform.




Reliability and Growth Trials (RGT) are well underway. Ajax, Apollo, Atlas and Ares variants have now driven more than 20,000 kilometres through different terrains, completing a variety of representative battlefield missions. RGT allows significantly more activity to be completed compared to regular unit training.

Since June, units of the Field Army have been training on the current Ajax variant (Capability Drop 1), focusing on individual and crew training. This training is enabling troops to learn how to operate the armoured vehicles and use the systems integrated into them. The training will also enable the crew to develop skills, experience and competence ahead of the delivery of the Capability Drop 3 vehicles, the upgraded fully deployable variant.


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Capability Drop 3 vehicle production continues at Merthyr Tydfil with all production lines operating and all six variants in progress, with delivery to the Field army starting in 2024.

“I’m thrilled with the progress made across the programme over the last six months. We must maintain momentum to deliver this new generation of armoured fighting vehicles for the British Army”, said Senior Responsible Owner for the Armoured Cavalry Programme, Chris Bowbrick.

The New Year starts with Ajax Live Crew Clearance Cold Climate Trials taking place in Sweden. This is the first time Ajax will be firing with Field Army Crews outside of the UK, a significant milestone for the programme.



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