Collins Aerospace: first TruNet AR-1500 radio delivered to Europe

Source: Collins Aerospace (RTX)

Collins Aerospace has delivered the first networked communications airborne radio to a European nation. The Polish Ministry of Defence will equip its C-130H Hercules fleet with Collins’ TruNet AR-1500 new software-defined radio.


TruNet AR-1500 is the international variant of Collins’ U.S. ARC-210 radio providing the same frequency range and performance as the ARC-210 Gen6, with a selection of waveforms and expanded capabilities including L-Band and Link-22 data links for the direct commercial sale market. It’s designed with the latest software defined radio tenets and architectures enabling proven, fully secure communication across the battlespace with the ability to be easily upgraded as needs and mission change.



“Modernizing Poland’s fleet of Hercules with the AR-1500 will enable the Air Force to communicate securely using the latest NATO standards during future allied missions,” said Ryan Bunge, vice president and general manager, Communication and Networking Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “The AR-1500 is the only software defined radio that offers L-Band capability on the market today. It provides expanded operations capabilities and delivers the latest in encryption and anti-jam technologies, ensuring customers’ mission success now and as requirements advance in the future.”



Collins has been the market leader in airborne military communications for more than 25 years. The company delivers advanced and reliable communication technology, so customers have intelligent, cross-domain connectivity for their most important missions.



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