Denmark signs contract with Lockheed Martin to upgrade air surveillance radars

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In a move to bolster its defence capabilities, Denmark has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to upgrade its air surveillance radars. The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has recently finalized an agreement for the life extension of the country's two long-range TPS-77 radars.

Since their deployment in 2007, the technology of Denmark’s long-range radar systems has evolved rapidly, posing challenges in sourcing spare parts. Consequently, the DALO has taken the initiative to secure a Mid Life Update (MLU) for the TPS-77 radars. The MLU agreement, aligned with the 2018-2023 defence agreement, has been forged with Lockheed Martin Global, Incorporated (LMGI).

Vice Chief of DALO, Brigadier General Christian Brejner Ishøj, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, emphasizing the significance of the radar life extension. “This upgrade will provide a technological enhancement, ensuring the radars can be supported for many more years. They will contribute to Denmark’s security, particularly in light of the deteriorating security situation in Europe,” said Brigadier General Ishøj.

The long-range and deployable TPS-77 radars are critical components of Denmark’s airspace surveillance infrastructure. They play a vital role in monitoring the airspace over the country and have also been utilized in international operations, including deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. The anticipated completion of the radar upgrade is set for mid-2025.

By modernizing and extending the life of its air surveillance radars, Denmark is taking proactive measures to enhance its defence capabilities and stay ahead of evolving security challenges. The upgraded systems will ensure improved airspace situational awareness, contributing to the safeguarding of Danish airspace and bolstering the nation’s overall security posture.



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