DE&S contract equips UK Armed Forces with advanced new rifle

Source: Defence Equipment & Support, Defence Industry Europe

British troops will soon be more lethal on the battlefield as a new GBP 90 million contract delivers modern, high precision rifles.

The Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) system – known as the L403A1 and procured by DE&S under Project HUNTER – is made up of a new assault rifle fitted with a muzzle signature reduction system and an improved optical sighting system.

AIW uses the latest in design technology and manufacturing methods, to produce an exceptionally reliable and accurate weapon. The magnified optic means the user can engage threats from greater distances; while the signature reduction system works to mask the AIW from detection from sight and hearing.



Supplementing the current in-service L85A3, the AIW system has been secured under a contract awarded by our Soldier, Training & Special Projects team to Macclesfield-based company Edgar Brothers, supporting the UK Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy by helping sustain approximately 50 jobs at the family-owned company.

An initial GBP 15 million order of 1,620 AIW systems has been placed, with options to procure up to 10,000 systems – totalling GBP 90m – over the next decade. The systems will initially be fielded to the Army Special Operations Brigade (ASOB) who operate in complex, high-threat environments.



The L403A1 is a high-performing modern development of the ArmaLite Rifle (AR), which pushes the boundaries of modern performance. As an AR system, it shares much in common with the rifle systems used by many of the UK’s allies. Given their specialist role, and the critical task of working with and alongside many of the UK’s allies, the platform will enable ASOB to share skills and drills in an efficient manner.

As a key component of the ASOB, the Ranger Regiment will receive the AIW later this year. Made up of four battalions, the Rangers deployed to over 60 countries in their first 12 months of operation, following their formation as part Future Soldier under the Defence Command Paper 2021.



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