Elt Group and Leonardo collaborate on C-27J Spartan electronic warfare suite upgrade

By Defence Industry Europe

Elt Group and Leonardo have finalized a contract to upgrade the electronic warfare (EW) suite for the Italian Air Force fleet of C-27J Spartan aircraft.


This initiative, part of a larger aircraft retrofit program agreed upon with Armaereo at the end of the previous year, aims to enhance the aircraft’s flexibility and operational capabilities across various scenarios.

The current agreement focuses on upgrading the flagship aircraft, with potential expansion to the remaining 11 aircraft in the fleet.

This move underscores the growing collaboration between Leonardo and the Air Force in the field of electronic warfare, a partnership that saw significant strengthening in March 2023 with an agreement covering both the C-27J and ATR-72 platforms.


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After thorough technical and technological evaluations by the Italian Air Force, the ESM (Electronic Support Measures) and DIRCM (Directed Infrared Counter Measure) systems developed by Elt Group were chosen for the C-27J.

These systems are vital elements of Elt Group’s expertise and serve as foundational components for more intricate architectures, such as the Sigint (Signals Intelligence) solution. Elt Group’s technologies are already operational on multiple platforms, both within Italy and internationally.



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