Finland to send additional defence materials to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Finland has announced its decision to dispatch more defence materials to Ukraine, marking the 22nd defence equipment aid package from the country.


The cost of replacing the capabilities included in this shipment is estimated to be around EUR 190 million, bringing the total value of defence materials Finland has supplied to Ukraine to EUR 1.8 billion. This latest aid package also includes products purchased from domestic industries with a separate allocation of EUR 30 million earmarked for supporting Ukraine.

Finnish Defence Minister Antti Häkkänen highlighted the need for innovative long-term support strategies for Ukraine.


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“Nationally and more broadly, we must find new ways to support Ukraine in the long term. We are currently preparing a long-term plan for support to Ukraine,” Häkkänen stated.

He also emphasized the significant expertise within the domestic industry and the defence administration’s efforts to more effectively utilize this expertise and capacity in support of Ukraine, citing domestic ammunition production as an example.

Furthermore, Finland has committed to participating in the artillery and demining coalitions under the Ukraine Defence Contact Group, an organization coordinating international aid for Ukraine. These international capability coalitions aim to provide sustained support to Ukraine.


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For operational reasons and to ensure the safe delivery of the aid, details on the exact contents, delivery methods, or schedules of the aid will not be disclosed.

The additional assistance has been designed considering both Ukraine’s needs and the resource situation of the Finnish Defence Forces, ensuring a balanced approach to supporting Ukraine while maintaining national defence readiness, Finnish Defence Ministry said in statement.


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