German industry begins construction of the first Type 707 tanker

By Defence Industry Europe

A steel-cutting ceremony held on June 29 in Papenburg marked the official start of construction for the first of two Type 707 replenishment tankers for the German Navy. These vessels, set to launch in early 2025, will replace the existing Rhön-class units and are being constructed through a collaboration between the NVL Group, based in Bremen, and the Meyer Werft shipyard.

The steel-cutting ceremony signifies the commencement of the contract signed in mid-2021 between the German Navy and its industry partners. It paves the way for the construction, commissioning, and subsequent sea trials of the platforms at the Meyer Werft Neptun shipyard in Rostock.

The NVL Group, serving as the project’s prime contractor, will oversee various aspects, including project management, naval-specific components, deployment systems, and extensive services to ensure supply readiness. The goal is to seamlessly integrate the vessels into the logistic system of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).



The Type 707 naval tankers will measure 173 meters in length and will accommodate a core crew of 42, with an additional contingent of 23 personnel. Notably, they boast a cargo tank capacity of 12,000 cubic meters.

These fleet tankers, with a displacement of 20,000 tons, are specifically designed for offshore fuel supply, thereby extending the deployment time of naval vessels in their respective operational areas. One noteworthy feature is their ability to refuel two ships simultaneously on both sides.

Annette Lehnigk-Emden, President of the Federal Office for German Armed Forces Equipment Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The start of production of the new replenishment oilers marks the renewal of building tankers for us. We are ensuring the sustainability of our maritime Task Forces by supplying military fuel on the high seas, while at the same time meeting current environmental protection standards and, above all, making a significant contribution to both national and allied defenses.”



She further emphasized the importance of the collaboration between NVL Group and Meyer Werft, stating, “Furthermore, I am delighted that NVL Group, together with Meyer Werft, are two German shipyards, which are having a fundamental impact on sustaining these capabilities with their knowledge and experience.”

The construction of these new fleet replenishment tankers signifies a significant milestone in Germany’s naval capabilities, further strengthening their maritime presence and operational efficiency.



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