Germany completes delivery of Gepard anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

The German government announced on December 22 that it has completed the delivery of the final batch of three Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With this transfer, Ukraine has now received all 52 Gepard systems that were promised by Berlin.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported that the Gepard anti-aircraft guns have shown high efficiency in actual combat scenarios. These systems have been instrumental in intercepting cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, loitering munitions systems, and other aerial targets.

Of the total systems delivered, 37 were provided from German defence industry stocks, funded by the German government. Additionally, 15 Gepards, which were previously acquired back from Qatar, were also transferred to Ukraine.




The German Ministry of Defence highlighted that since Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2022, Germany has supported Ukraine with humanitarian aid, direct payments, and equipment, including weapons and ammunition.

Since the onset of the war, Germany’s military contributions to Ukraine have amounted to 5.97 billion euros. Furthermore, additional support commitments worth nearly five billion euros have been pledged for the period extending to 2028. With these contributions, Germany stands as the second-largest global supporter of Ukraine, after the United States, and holds the top position among European countries.



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