HAASTA – Polish drone for combat tasks

Source: Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation

During the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce, Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation will present among others its latest product- the HAASTA unmanned system, designed and created in response to the real needs of the battlefield. The design is being developed in cooperation with the Eurotech company and has been based on combat experience from the last few years.

During this year’s exhibition, the Institute will focus on the offer of unmanned technologies for the army. This offer was created based on experience in the implementation of numerous research and development projects, pilot programs, tests and optimization of existing aviation structures.

HAASTA is an innovative hybrid-powered UAV system, used (depending on the version) for surveillance, cargo transport, photogrammetry, long-range reconnaissance, diversion or combating other drones.



The UAV presented at MSPO is a fighter version, which is a response to the challenges of the todays’battlefield.

The system was designed to penetrate air defenses, operate deep within the enemy group and perform reconnaissance or air-diversion tasks. The system can also be used in a swarm to confuse  anti-aircraft defenses.

In civilian applications, HAASTA can be used for monitoring long distance linear infrastructure.

HAASTA is also a technology demonstrator for modern technologies  designed at the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, which will also be presented at MSPO. These include: acoustically optimized rotors for drones, non-satellite navigation systems, thermoplastic housings reflecting electromagnetic radiation, and control systems based on artificial intelligence.

A composite rotor for VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles, a real-time object detection system (RTSENSE) and a concept of a rocket booster for UAV will be also displayed among other solutions for the unmanned industry.



The Institute will also present solutions for the aviation industry: a demonstrator of helicopter main rotor blade technology, a series of radio altimeters, an automatic flight stabilization system and a fuel meter.

Two of the products were submitted for the Defender award for products distinguished by originality and innovation of technical and technological thought: the HAASTA unmanned system, which is a modern solution for the army, and the NPI innovative electric detonator (non-primary initiator explosive).

The NPI is a state-of-the-art electrical initiator of the detonation process, which does not contain a charge of primary explosives. The unique action mechanism allowed to eliminate  compounds such as lead azide and lead styphnate from its fire chain.

The NPI is a perfect solution for rescue services and the army. The solution will be put in the market in cooperation with the Military Institute of Armament Technology.


Learn more about the HAASTA drone – click here.



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