Latvia to build coastal defence system with NSM missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

The Republic of Latvia plans to build a coastal defence system equipped with anti-ship missiles. To this end, Latvian Ministry of Defence is negotiating the purchase of Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) from the Norwegian defence industry company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

According to the press secretary of Latvian Ministry of Defence, quoted by media, talks with Kongsberg on future procurement of this weapon system began in September and the Latvian Ministry of Defence plans to sign an agreement for NSM coastal defence system in 2023.

If the contract is signed, Latvia will become the next European operator of Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence System (NSM CDS). Currently, the Polish Navy has in its structure the Naval Missile Unit which operates 12 mobile Naval Strike Missile launchers based on 6×6 vehicles.

Furthermore, also Romania has also decided to procure of coast defence system with Kongsberg’s NSM. As the Defence Industry Europe recently reported, in mid-December Norwegian defence industry company has been awarded an order by Raytheon for delivery of the Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence System (NSM CDS) to Romania.


Lear more about Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence Systems – visit the Kongsberg website.



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